Friday, October 2, 2009

After a month of fasting.. huhu.. atlast! Raya datang lagi.. =

As usual, this Raya was celebrated in my sweet hometown.. Kuching.. I thought I won’t be celebrating Raya at home because I had just started working.. Only for 2 weeks.. Is it possible to have 1 week Raya Holiday?? Nope rite.. but guess what? HAAHAHA.. AKU DAPAT CUTI SEMINGGU.. Huhu

Apa lagi.. Although the flight tickets was way soooo expensive.. Around RM800! But still.. because it is Hari Raya..blasah jelah.. beli jak! Hehe

Emmm.. Raya was okay this year.. but not as happening as last year.. berjalan raya dgn kawan2 pun tak banyak.. But still.. Raya was fun! And I’m glad I went home.. coz I’m sure I’d cried like hell if TAK BALIK!!! Hehe..

Here are some of the moments with my fwens.. Check it out!

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