Friday, August 29, 2008

amoi ka ini??

Nope.. this is not amoi.. this is minah.. coz she's a malay girl.

~my lovely roommate~

This is Khoshikin Adenan, my lovely roommate. Ans she's lovable too... (bcoz she's promoting me in her blog and without my permission!hehe)

So as a good roommate, i'm doing the very same thing here.. promoting her in my blog.. huhu relax aaa.. ini bukan membalas dendam dan tiada makna tersirat mahupun tersurat. I just feel that its kinda cute.. you know-promoting your friend in your blog~ new style! hehe

Now she's in her way to kl. N maybe she'll be here tomorrow or on sunday. Well, kl is just like kuantan to her. huhu Khoshikin is a very good friend and very funny too..

Kosh.. ok sik? hehe tok kali kedua mek tulis.. first tek best gik.. tp sik tauk pahal x terpublished post ya~ jadi dgn smangatnya polah gik tok.. hehe


khoshikin said...

wah wah wah.....why on earth you post twice bout me?its so embarrassing you know?hehehe its ok then because you post the most cutest pic of me..thanx dude...

catch up with my blog later~~

p/s: ayoyo very tired today..


ahaha.. i think the internet is 'sot' la dat day.. huhu the time i check its not there.. but today.. oopsie. haha

nyda said...

kosh nang comel gilak bah~