Friday, August 29, 2008

i'm in love with big apple ^-^

Omg!~~ i am so in l.o.v.e with this yummy big apple donuts.. Especially the one that has almond on it.. i dont remeber the name.. huhu.. ya.. n the one with the choc toping.. Ooooo~ so delicious! What's the name again daoz? Well, me n my room mate kosh just simply give its name "Donut choc yg daoz suka". (Thanks tito coz belikan pesanan mek orang riya, and you understand what we mean by donut choc yg daoz suka.. hehe) Actually i dont like verrry sweet cookies, cakes, donuts or whatever it is that belongs to this category.. But for this big apple-it's different!! When eating it you'll feel that you are in love, you are in another world.. you are.. arrggh! i just cant find the right words.. So for those who have not trying it, go on! I'm sure you dont wanna miss the great feeling! huhu

p/s: Thanks daoz for being verry generous on that day.. u know what i mean~ ^-^

I cant imagine if I'm eating all this alone.. H.E.A.V.E.N.!

Dah tak sabar diorg ni nak makan... hehe

In a nutshell(mcm buat conclusion karangan.. haha), eating big apple donuts at Teluk Cempedak is.. is.. oiishii desu!


Anonymous said...

besh3!! tgu turn nika plak yg blanja.wee.n da name is californian almond.nyum2!

nyda said...

nak jugak big apple
nnt kalau akak pegi ump lagi
korg kene blanje akak big apple tau
nak jugak..nak jugak

*sambil guling2

yunika kirana said...

ehehe. californian almond.. i'll remember that! nanti la i blanje.. wait for the moment~ tggu dpt pinjaman.. dlm proses hehe

jgn guling2 kak nyda. nanti tenggiling kompius~ ade pesaing! hehe
ok kak nyda, nanti ktorg blanje. daoz sentiasa bermurah hati bah.. nak2?=p

nyda said...

nih yg syg daoz nih

~~IRAMAHATI~~ said...

i luv big apple tooooooo!!!
nika, balik srwk nnti kite p mkn big apple kat the spring, mahu? i luv the cheesy one...haha..lain dpd anda sekalian nmpknya...

p/s: yg laen2 klu mahu big apple bersama sy bleh ikut yunika balik srwk..hahaha..

yunika kirana said...

kak mel!! okeh set! hehe lak kita g mamam big apple aa.. ronggeng puas2 lak..huihui