Sunday, September 21, 2008

27 June 2008

This was the day when I turn into a Cinderella! haha in my dreams.. Well, it was my birthday actually, where I've turn to 22...

I know its a bit too late to post this, since its already September.. But its better late than never!

I would like to express my thanks to all that had wish me, to all that remembered that day, to those that have treat.. hehe To those that gave me beautiful, cute, yummy n etc pwesents... Thank you so much! I promise to treasure it all my life...

yummy choc from Yuyu

Surprise bday party from my gurlfriendssss... Thank you so much gurls!! (Cant upload the bday party picture since some of us is too sexy! haha)

Beauty Voir jeans shirt from Nik

cutey pillow from Sis Nyda

gorgeous hp chain from Kosh

well.. i call this hp purse.. huhu sweet pink from eza

kawaii butang@button from daoz (he gave me this when I'm in the hospital.. so sweet..=) although its a belated gift..)

This is the love note from him! saranghe to uppa.. huhu
(p/s: korang perasan tak.. dia gariskan isi2 penting.. mesti hebat wat rumusan kat skolah dulu ni.. hehe)

And to all that had treated me..
* azril and kak dalina - marvelous dinner at tanjung lumpur (my first time dining in tanjung lumpur.. huhu)
* amir - sweet yellowish cup corn..
* farhana - nice dinner at tasik ump.. hehe

And to anyone that i've not mentioned.. Thank you so much! Its not how luxurious the things you gave me, but the remembrance of my day that I value the most! Thank you so much..

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