Saturday, September 6, 2008

our bracelet..

Look at our hands~!!!=p omg.. isnt is gorgeous?? hehe
nika, ila, daoz, tito and nizam

ila's and mine

Do we look like the next top model??lol

This bracelet was bought buy Tito Lamat when we were at TC! Tito was the first one buying it.. Then me (dgn tak malunya) asked tito to buy it for me.. hehe and because at that time tito was a bit 'kaya' and well.. ya.. i have to admit that he is generous.. huhu so he bought it for me, ila, daoz and nizam.. Guess what.. we 'tipu' that abg yg jual this bracelet, saying that we are from Sarawak, having our holiday here, in Kuantan. haha but as the result.. we got great cheap yay price for it! huhuhu

The bracelet does not symbolize frenship or anything alike.. But it symbolizes our very own memories.. for that moment, for that gila2 week... Thanks Tito!


nota.kematian said...


ya, lama lama nanga dah macam bijik guli dah...

yunika kirana said...

uhuhu.. jgn main2.. guli bukan sebarang guli.. haha guli=pearl.. hahaha

Daoz said...

bila mok polah reunion?jom la~

yunika kirana said...

emm.. great idea.. best juak polah "bracelet the reunion".. huhu lak la try tyk cdak len bila mok polah.. either b4 or after raya.. oooo... really lookin forward to it! yay!

Ruzzaida said...

aku nmpk gelang2 tu kat TC mse kluar ari tu.. hehe =p

yunika kirana said...


tomey kan?? =) satu gelang aku kat peedot rasanya.. kalau jumpe dia cakap aku nak!! hehe